Diagnostics Services:

Yes Labs, we conduct a wide range of tests essential to the basic management of patient care allowing physicians to detect diseases earlier, make diagnosis, prescribe therapies and monitor patient results. To conduct these tests, we have set up the best infrastructure and procured state of the art equipment from the leading companies across the globe.

Door Step services:

We provide you with the convenience of getting your tests done from your respective homes. Home service is a provision which we provide to all those who are either medically challenged or too busy with the hassles of life. It’s not just a service but a much needed opportunity to connect with the concerned issues of your health.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightSkilled technicians will visit you home for sample collection.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightReport delivery to your door-step
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAvailability of our selected services at your residence
  • Quality Assurance:

    Yes Labs core quality principle is the continuous improvement of all processes and service supporting the care of patients.

    “The system is composed of required quality system essentials. The policies, processes, and procedures associated with these quality system essentials are applied to all operations in the workflow path (pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical). Quality management focuses on continuous quality improvement as measured by customer satisfaction.”

  • keyboard_arrow_rightOperating within a Quality System enhances our ability to meet the requirements of accreditation agencies and facilitates service satisfaction for our clients.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOur Quality Systems are compliant with the requirements of clinical laboratory standards institute ISO 15189.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOur Quality Assurance Program is designed to monitor every step in the study process.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are strictly maintain to throughout all processes.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightQuality Control results meet all statistical process control criteria before patient results are released.
  • Yes Labs participate in External Quality Assurance testing Programs.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightContinuous Quality Improvement Programs enhance the quality of our results and services.